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4"x 6" Drawing book, hard cover
110 Extra white pages
Hand drawn designs for each book

I custom draw a picture on the cover of every book. Every book is different and straight from my mind/heart to you. Your name goes on the binding, along with a quote from one of our fellow, wise TLC cousins. I coat the whole book with a clear varnish so the paint stays put.

The only way to get better at anything is by practicing, that's why I set a goal for myself to at least draw one picture a day. With these drawing journals, there's plenty of pages to practice, practice, practice.

Drawing is also one of the fastest ways of manifesting your visions. You can put what you want to see directly from your mind onto paper, imprinting that image in your mind. Imagine all the manifestations waiting for you!

****Please comment the name you want written on the binding****

****If ordering for a young star, please comment their name in the order, their age, gender, and possibly their favorite animal****

Don't forget to pick MASCULINE or FEMININE and I'll draw some pretty designs for the honeys, and something fresh for the sonnys.

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